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Natural Fitness & Surface Wipes

EAGLE WIPES  Hand and Gym Equipment Wipes, Gym Wipes, Refill 4 Rolls, 3200 sheets (800 Wipes/Roll)


Eagle Wipes Hand Cleaning or Gym Wipes for hand and cleaning surface. Each purchase has 4 rolls of 800 sheets each, a total of 3200 sheets. Specially formulated with Aloe Vera & BZK. Each wipe measures 8" x 6".

EAGLE WIPES Natural Gym Equipment Wipes, Gym Wipes, Disinfectant Hand and Cleaning Wipes 4 Rolls, 5000 sheets (1250 Wipes/Roll)


Eagle Wipes Natural Cleaning or Gym Wipes is a great everyday wipe for hand and surface use. Each purchase has 4 rolls of 1250 sheets each, a total of 5000 sheets. Using natural ingredients like lavender and vinegar. Each wipe measures 8" x 5".

EAGLE WIPES NEW Wipes Dispenser and Trash Can Set for Gyms, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Restrooms - Stainless Steel Wipe Dispensers with Disposal and Cleaning Wipe Holder Easy Front Door Access


Keep Germs and Trash at Bay With the Eagle Wipes Trash Bin and Wet Wipe Holder. These multi-functional gym wipe dispensers are a MUST accessory if you own a workout or yoga studio, gym, restaurant, venue, hall, or center. It’s built for ease so both employees and guests can utilize them with minimal issues. Replacing the cleansing wipe rolls or emptying the trash bins is incredibly simple with our unique, back-door access. This product comes with a 6 gallon trash can, a plastic bucket that fits moisture sanitizing rolls of 8” in diameter. The container is comprised of resilient stainless steel that will keep its composition in various weather and venues. With a pretty silver finish that blends seamlessly in any environment, this dual-use sanitizer and waste station is perfect for commercial or personal use.

Product Details:
Stainless Steel Gym Wipe Dispenser, 36”(h) x 13”(d)
Built-In Plastic Trash Can, 6 Gallons
Plastic Bucket for Wet Wipe Roll